Zetia (Ezetimibe)

What is Zetia?

Containing Ezetimibe as an active ingredient, the remedy manages to keep track of the cholesterol amounts, absorbed by the organism. Consequently, Zetia is effectively used to treat conditions caused by an increased cholesterol range. To achieve maximal results, Zetia is frequently combined with other cholesterol-lowering drugs. Ask your medical specialist about off-label drug use and its safety.


Recommendations for Use

Consult your doctor primarily to Zetia course. Follow the directions if you want to experience desirable changes and benefit from its impact. The medication should be administered in the exact dose and for a correct term determined by a qualified specialist. On average, Zetia is used once a day. To achieve maximal results, you need to take the drug at approximately the same time daily. Food intake will not change the effect, so you can administer the pill both with and without it. The treatment can be taken together with other remedies, especially station pharmaceuticals. However, it is important to make at least a 4-hour pause in Zetia use after Colestipol, Cholestyramine and Colesevelam intake. Liver functioning and blood state will have to be checked often, as the medication can influence these aspects in an exceptional manner. An average course may last for over 2 weeks, until you notice considerable improvement. Take the remedy for a full term and do not forget that exercise, healthy diet and constant weight control are inevitable for a successful therapy.

Precautions and Contraindications

Discuss Zetia use with your healthcare provider in order to make sure you have no contraindications. The drug can activate severe reactions if administered by patients allergic to its ingredients. Besides, people diagnosed with moderate and severe liver problems should eliminate Zetia use. Moreover, warn your healthcare provider about other illnesses you have, especially thyroid complications, kidney disorders, active liver impairments, etc. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take the remedy as it can harm the health state of an unborn and nursing child.

Drug Interactions

As all other effective treatments, Zetia can trigger serious complications if combined with other medications. However, some combinations may boost the effect, instead. Talk to your medical specialist in order to learn about the safety of this or that drug taken simultaneously with Zetia. Additionally, warn your medical specialist about all the prescription and generic remedies, vitamins, herbal supplements, minerals and other pharmaceutical products you are using or have been using within the last two weeks. Never combine Zetia with blood thinners, such as Coumadin, Warfarin and Jantoven, as well as Cyclosporine.

Side Effects

Wrong drug interactions may stimulate the occurrence of severe abnormalities. Besides, any other Zetia misuse can cause mild to severe side effects. The most dangerous ones are allergic reactions and kidney failure. Seek emergency medical assistance the first possible moment if you have noticed the symptoms of these disorders. Call your healthcare provider immediately, in case you have noticed any strange reactions, feelings or symptoms after Zetia intake. Pay ultimate attention to leg or arm pain, joint pain, sinus pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stuffy nose and others. This is not a full list of abnormalities which may occur, so be attentive and report any disorders.