Abilify (Aripiprazole)

What is Abilify?

If you’re interested in this medication, you should know that it’s taken to treat specific mood and mental disorders, including irritability, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Sometimes, doctors prescribe Abilify or Aripiprazole in a combination with other drugs to help their patients treat depression. It belongs to antipsychotics and works by helping your body restore the right balance of natural chemicals or neurotransmitters in your brain. Improving concentration and reducing hallucinations are some of its positive effects so that you will start feeling less nervous, thinking clearly and being happier. Keep in mind that Abilify is also taken to cure severe mood swings and decrease their occurrence.


Recommendations for Use

It’s necessary to take this medicine orally either with or without food according to the recommendations of your doctor. Most patients take it once a day, and the right dosage is always based on their health condition, individual response and other important factors. Abilify is available in both tablets and liquid forms, and if you prefer the latter one, be sure to use an effective measuring cup or any other tool. Don’t forget to take your prescribed dose at the same time on a daily basis to get the most out of this treatment.

Side Effects

Just like other medications Abilify is associated with certain adverse effects, including vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and other vision changes, lightheadedness, unusual tiredness, excess saliva, constipation, weight gain, insomnia and headaches. As a patient, you need to inform your physician about any of them at once. To decrease the risk of feeling lightheaded or dizzy, you should get up slowly from any lying or sitting position. The good news is that most of those patients who take Abilify don’t experience any side effects at all.

In very rare cases people may develop serious adverse effects, such as mood and mental changes, fainting, depression, restlessness, muscle spasms, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, trouble swallowing, tremor, seizures, infection symptoms, etc. Take into account that this medicine may affect your blood sugar levels so that your diabetes will get worse (do regular tests). Sometimes Abilify also causes such rare medical conditions as tardive dyskinesia and NMS. Allergic reactions to its active ingredients are quite rare, but you still need to watch for them.

Drug Interactions

The main medication that may interact with Abilify is Metoclopramide, but you need to tell your physician about other drugs and supplements that you’re taking, especially if they cause drowsiness. Be careful while consuming alcohol and taking antihistamines, muscle relaxants, meds for anxiety or insomnia, cough-and-cold meds and pain killers to avoid dangerous drug interactions.

Precautions and Contraindications

Before you start taking this medication, be sure to tell a doctor everything about your medical history, especially if you have complications with your blood flow, heart issues, diabetes, nervous system disorders, obesity and so on. The use of Abilify can make you feel drowsy and dizzy or result in certain vision changes, so that you shouldn’t drive a car or do other activities that require your full attention. It’s also advisable to avoid drinking alcohol and those activities that may result in overheating. Finally, older patients are more sensitive to the adverse effects of this medication, while nursing and pregnant women shouldn’t take it at all.