Elocon Cream (Mometasone)

What is Elocon Cream?

Elocon Cream serves an effective topical steroid. Its active ingredient, Mometasone, decreases the effect of the body chemicals that stimulate inflammation. Consequently, the remedy is prescribed to patients, who are affected by certain skin conditions, including eczema, allergic reactions, psoriasis and others. Elocon Cream works eliminating itching, inflammation and similar symptoms, caused by disturbing conditions. Additionally, the medication can be applied for other reasons, not listed in the safety guide. Ask your doctor about safe off-label Elocon use.


Recommendations for Use

Taking Elocon Cream in accordance with doctor’s directions significantly increases your chances of successful treatment course and beneficial effect. Your doctor will adjust a correct dose, sufficient for the treatment of your condition, based on your general health state, severity of the issue, other medications you use, etc. You should never increase or decrease the dose, selected by the medical professional. Otherwise, you risk either getting no results at all or suffering from aggravating side effects.

Wash your hands thoroughly primarily to the treatment application. Apply Elocon Cream to an affected zone and rub it into the skin. After the process, wash your hands again. Do not cover the treated area, let the topical dry. The duration of the treatment course will be prescribed by your doctor. However, call him/her in case the symptoms do not get any better after two weeks of the therapy. Frequent medical tests are required for patients, who take Elocon Cream long-term.

Precautions and Contraindications

Discuss Elocon application with your doctor to make sure the drug will not cause any complications and side effects. Provide the physician with detailed information about the illnesses and health impairments you have, as well as minor abnormalities that disturb you. Pay exceptional attention to skin infections of any type. Patients, sensitive to Mometasone, other components of the drug or similar medications should avoid the therapy. Additionally, you should eliminate Elocon Cream applications if you have diabetes, as the treatment can increase the level of sugar in your urine and blood. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also contraindicated for the medication intake, as it can activate a harmful impact on a nursing or unborn child. Elocon is not a remedy against diaper rash. Ask your doctor about the medication applications for children.

Drug Interactions

Tell your doctor about other generic and prescription drugs, vitamins, herbal products and pharmaceutical supplements you are using in order to warn possible Elocon Cream interactions. Generally, the topical is not supposed to cause side effects because of the combinations with oral treatments or injectable remedies. However, the results of investigations show that the treatment should not be combined with a range of drugs, including Singulair, Metformin, Klonopin, Ibuprofen, Doxycycline, Tylenol, etc. Proper dose adjustment is enough for the same intake of both treatments.

Side Effects

Elocon Cream is a safe treatment that produces minor reactions mainly, especially acne, itching, redness, burning and others. However, the medication misuse can launch more dangerous reactions, such as vision problems, breathing impairments, irregular heartbeats, weariness, fatigue, reasonless weight gain and insomnia. Search for the nearest emergency office if Elocon Cream application resulted in severe allergic reactions.