Bactroban (Mupirocin)

What is Bactroban?

Choosing from a number of antibacterial medications, Bactroban serves one of the most dependable and effective. The active ingredient of the treatment, Mupirocin, eliminates the bacteria growth preventing it from further spreading. As a result of Bactroban treatment course, you will get no signs of infection. The medication works preventing bacteria from development and expansion on the skin. Topical Bactroban is a powerful remedy against conditions, such as ‘Staph’ infection and impetigo. Besides, the drug may be used off-label for other purposes. However, consult your doctor before such use.


Recommendations for Use

It is inevitable to follow safety recommendations and instructions for a safe and successful Bactroban course. Thus, consult a healthcare provider primarily to the medication use and make sure the adjusted dose will work the best. Follow all the directions without any changes. Never increase the medication dose, duration of the treatment or intake periodicity. Any changes in the drug adjustments may lead to Bactroban misuse with severe complications.

Bactroban is for external use only. Never take it by mouth. Do not apply the ointment to your eyes, mouth or nose. Wash your hands carefully before and after the treatment application. The medication should be used on clean and dry skin only. Avoid spreading Bactroban to the large area.

Your healthcare provider will recommend you Bactroban dose suiting your needs and requirements, though usually the treatment is applied 3 times a day during 10 days. Inform your physician if the condition does not improve, but aggravates instead. Keep using the treatment even if you have noticed a significant relief. Your symptoms may disappear before the infection is totally cleared. Do not skip Bactroban doses. Otherwise, you risk getting another infection in the future.

Precautions and Contraindications

Belonging to a group of antibiotics, Bactroban affects important body functions, thus, it should be used with exceptional caution. Do not start the treatment course in case you are allergic to Mupirocin as its active ingredient or similar drugs. The cream and ointment are contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women for the sake of their unborn and nursing children's safety. The medication should not be applied to children under 2 months old.

Drug Interactions

Just as any other antibiotic and anti-bacterial treatment, Bactroban can interact with certain medication and cause serious complications. However, in the vast majority of cases the treatment is reported to be safe and effective with other medicines. Nevertheless, to guarantee a high safety level of the medication course, provide your doctor with a complete list of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals you administer, natural supplements and vitamins you use.

Side Effects

Follow safety recommendations to speed up Bactroban effect. Seek immediate doctor’s assistance once you have noticed any signs of allergic reactions after the medication application. Among minor reactions on the body Bactroban may cause are headache, nausea, rash and others. These symptoms will disappear the moment the organism gets used to the medication ingredients. However, call your health care provider and get medical help if the side effects aggravate, start bothersome and activate new complications, especially watery or bloody diarrhea, extreme stomach pain and discomfort, skin infections, skin peeling and others.