Oral dosage forms advantages, disadvantages, and classification

Previously, we talked about dosage forms and their significance. We mentioned that dosage form of a medication is the mean by which it reaches its action site. We went through the classification of dosage forms generally. The main classification is according to the route of administration, or

Caplet dosage form, what is it exactly !!

Dosage form of a drug is the mean by which this drug enters the body, reaches the site of action (the target site), and exerts its action. Dosage forms of the drug are meant to be particular and in the most appropriate form for each route of

Dosage forms: introduction to pharmaceuticals

For any drug to give its optimal and desired action, it should firstly reach the required site of action which is known also as the target site. Once the drug reaches this target site, it starts to exert its action and does its role via a specific