Careprost (Generic Latisse)

What is Careprost?

Careprost is an ophthalmic remedy that provides considerable eyelash growth. The medication can be used both at home or beauty salons; available at a relatively low price. For the application of the emulsion a patient should clean the face of makeup and remove contact lenses. If shortly before the procedure on the skin applied any cosmetics (creams, etc.), the patient needs to make sure it is completely absorbed and start applying Careprost no earlier than 15 minutes.


Careprost pharmacologic action

Careprost is an ophthalmic agent, a cosmetic preparation created to activate the growth of eyelashes with various violations (insufficient quantity or size). Originally, the medication was used for the treatment of glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure). During clinical trials it has been found out that a slightly modified version of preparation causes an increase in the length of eyelashes, their density, as well as boosts coloring. Ophthalmic solution of 0.03% concentration is typically available in plastic vials of 3ml, each package is provided with a sterile applicator.

Careprost administration

When you are ready for the procedure, take the applicator, place it horizontally and drip one drop into the middle of the brush. Then use coated with a solution applicator to distribute the remedy throughout the lash line – from the inner corner to the outer. It should strictly adhere to the applicator at the base of the lashes since if emulsion hits other areas of the skin it may cause the stimulation of hair growth on it. If the excessive amount of emulsion is applied use a wet piece of cloth to remove it. The remedy should not be dripped into the eyes or applied to the lower eyelid. It is also important to make sure that the neck of the bottle and the applicator is not in contact with foreign objects: if it is subjected to any bacteria it can cause infection of the delicate skin of the eyelids. Careprost can also be applied for the growth of eyebrows – in this case 1 drop application on a daily basis is prescribed.

The visible results from the use of drugs based on bimatoprost, the active ingredient, is observed after 3-4 weeks of use. The maximum effect is achieved after 4 months of use. To maintain the effect it is enough to apply a remedy 1-2 times a week. One vial is sufficient for 1-3 months of application, depending on whether or mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows will be applied.

Careprost precautions

When using the solution a patient must adhere to recommendations for the use described in the accompanying instructions. If you are taking any medicines to increase intraocular pressure, consult your treating physician before starting Careprost treatment. When the medication is applied, wipe it carefully using surplus cotton swab, which will reduce the risk of enhancing hair growth in unwanted places. Also, try to distribute the solution uniformly on the right and on the left eyelid, because otherwise, there may be some differences in the length and thickness of eyelashes that will disappear immediately as soon as you stop using the drug. Careprost treatment must not be used in case of idiosyncrasy of any components of the drug.

When wearing soft contact lenses before applying the drug they must be removed. Wearing contact lenses is allowed 15 minutes after the application. Despite the lack of laboratory studies of the interaction of the drug a patient needs to consider that the effect of components that suppress the central nervous system may be increased (alcohol, sedatives, barbiturates, opium derivatives and general anesthetics).