Arimidex (Anastrozole)

What is Arimidex?

Arimidex (generic name Anastrozole), being an effective medication, can significantly decrease the level of estrogen in the organism of postmenstrual women. Consequently, the medication reduces not only the rate of estrogen in the organism, but its supply to the breast tumors that require it for development and spreading. As a result, Arimidex is actively recommended for females in postmenopausal period that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Moreover, the medication can be used even by women who even had Tamoxifen therapy. The remedy can be used for other purposes, not listed in the safety leaflet.


Recommendations for Use

Follow the doctor’s instructions to get maximal advantages from Arimidex course. Never change the medication adjustments, since it can lead to devastating complications and misuse-related side effects. Arimidex is prescribed for regular use and is generally administered once a day. The medication can be taken with or without food. The complete treatment course may last for a few months and up to 5 years, depending on the overall health condition and severity of the treated disorder. Once you have missed a single dose, you can either take it the very first possible moment or skip it. However, do not take extra dose during the following scheduled intake to prevent Arimidex overdose.

Precautions and Contraindications

Consult your healthcare provider before starting the medication course. Do not launch the therapy if you are sensitive to the active components of the treatment. Patients who have not completed menopause yet, as well as the ones who are breastfeeding a child should not take Arimidex.

Provide your doctor with the list of other diseases and health impairments you have to get proper dose adjustment. Pay ultimate attention at such health issues, as blood clots, stroke, blood circulation disorders, heart-related problems, increased cholesterol level, osteoporosis, liver or kidney dysfunctions, etc. Keep in mind that Arimidex can lower bone mineral density, potentially leading to osteoporosis development.

Drug Interactions

To prevent undesirable Arimidex interactions, tell your physician about all the prescription and generic drugs, herbal treatments, natural supplements and vitamins you are using. Some of them should never be used with Arimidex, since they will cause harmful interactions. However, in an overwhelming majority of cases, special dose adjustment will serve the best solution. Nevertheless, talk to your doctor to make sure the treatment course will be safe and effective if administered together with birth control drugs, estrogen pills, vaginal rings, hormone replacement therapy, Bazedoxifene, Estropipate, Tamoxifen, Estradiol, Flibanserin, Axitinib, Ruxolitinib and others.

Side Effects

Get emergency medical assistance in case any symptoms of severe side effects have occurred after Arimidex intake. The most dangerous signs of medication misuse include swelling, hives, breathing problems and other symptoms of allergic reactions. Additionally, call your healthcare provider if common reactions, such as headache, mild rashes, general weakness, joint stiffness, numbness, hot flashes, mild nausea and vomiting aggravate and start bothering you. Tell your doctor about other abnormalities and complications you have got after Arimidex intake, especially symptoms of stroke, swollen glands, mild exertions, bone fracture, high blood pressure, liver or kidney disorders, dangerous skin reactions, etc.