Cafergot (Ergotamine tartrate, Caffeine)

What is Cafergot?

Cafergot is an innovative medication that belongs to a group of stimulants, narrowing the blood vessels and preventing certain types of headaches. The active components of the treatment, Caffeine and Ergotamine Tartrate, boost the necessary effect. Being an ergot alkaloid, Ergotamine narrows the blood vessels near the brain and affects the blood flow. As a result, the medication relieves numerous types of headaches. The combination of caffeine and ergotamine allows treating migraine headaches.

However, the medication will not prevent the upcoming headache, since it may improve only the migraine that has begun. Do not try to use Cafergot to decrease tension headache or its other types, since the drug will be ineffective.


Recommendations for Use

Following safety rules and doctor’s prescription you will definitely benefit from a desirable effect and no complications. The medication should be administered in the exact dose prescribed by the physician. The drug misuse or overuse can lead to aggravation of symptoms and serious abnormalities occurrence. Cafergot is an oral medication for when-needed use.

Use two tablets Cafergot when you have felt a migraine headache attack. If the condition does not improve, you may take another tablet, but only 30 minutes after the previous dose. Six tablets is a maximal daily dose allowed. An increased number of Cafergot pills taken a day will cause dangerous side effects.

Precautions and Contraindications

Talk to the healthcare provider before Cafergot intake to ensure a high safety level and effectiveness of the drug in your exact case. Provide the doctor with full information about your health condition, since definite health problems may aggravate from Cafergot effect. Do not start the medication course in case you are allergic to its active ingredients (Caffeine and Ergotamine Tartrate). Additionally, patients with serious kidney problems, liver diseases, severe infections, blood issues, heart related complications, uncontrolled blood pressure and other disorders are not advised to use Cafergot at all. Pregnant and breastfeeding are also contraindicated to administer the drug. The risks of harmful effects on a newborn or nursing child are too high for safe medication intake. Besides, your doctor should be aware of all the other disorders and health complications you have for proper dose adjustments and intake recommendations.

Drug Interactions

Primarily to Cafergot intake, make sure your healthcare provider known about all the prescription and OTC medications, herbal products, vitamins and other pharmaceuticals supplements you use. A range of medications can interact with Cafergot, decreasing its effects and triggering undesirable health problems. Avoid combining Cafergot treatment course with antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungal remedies, HIV/AIDS remedies, stimulants, blood pressure medicines, asthma or allergies drugs, diet pills, heart treatments, nicotine, Cimetidine, Aprepitant, Haloperidol, Cyclosporine and others.

Side Effects

Despite Cafergot is commonly a safe medication, it can trigger certain complications if misused or overused. Mild side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting may occur after the medication intake. However, these are common reactions of the organism on new substances, thus, the reaction will fade away after multiple drug administrations.

Call your doctor in case complications aggravate, your condition gets worse and new, more severe abnormalities occur. Seek immediate medical help and stop Cafergot use the moment you have noticed any dangerous complications, especially abnormal heart rate, weak pulse, urination problems, severe headache, angina, chest discomfort, uncontrolled blood pressure, the symptoms of heart attack, numbness, weakness and others.