Weight Loss Tips and Super Workouts: How to lose Weight?

Losing weight and getting fit are lovely dreams spinning in minds. The same for me, because long time ago, I suffered overweight. It made me pursue weight loss eagerly and decide turning it into an urgent goal. Because achieving good results are always the best motive, I did not stop. Writing this article started twinkling in my mind whilst living the experience. I have transformed from being overweight till getting into the range of the so-called, fit healthy body. After a great progress, I think it’s my turn now to pass my experience to others and inspire them.

Losing weight is neither easy nor impossible. I would say, it’s very possible. It is just you who decides when to start. A suitable lifestyle can much guarantee fulfilling the goal defined. What’s important is the most efficient possible way for the best and safest outcome.

I’m about 170 centimeters tall and my weight was swinging in a range of 88 to 92 kilograms. Imagine how inconsistent this length-weight combination would be! Frankly speaking, I kick started everything with decreasing my meals a bit, nothing more. Day by day and night after night, I began to figure out, I have lost some nice kilograms of my weight! Now, I have lost 13 kilograms pragmatically in a safe and efficient way. At the same time, my journey is still ongoing till I reach the most optimal outcome I aspire

Technically and in a very explicit way, I learned the right formula in action. I knew that all I needed were only regular simple exercise and decreasing what I eat a little. Moreover, the less the fat intake, the more insured is the end result. Weight loss if really is considered as a process, is much simpler and easier than one may think.

Overweight and obesity

An inspiring article to control yourself and see before you the goal achievement as the main motive.

The Simple regular exercise for Weight Loss

If you only think about how hard and tedious is it, you’re absolutely wrong! That simple regular exercise could be just hiking/long walks every other day. If you prefer walking for 20-40 minutes each day, that’s also amazing. Either ways, the result is a sure thing. I recommend participating in marathons. They are much fun and are going to help a lot achieving this part of the plan.

The simple daily/regular exercise could be renamed or just implemented under the title of ‘doing daily errands or routine’. Get away from the sedentary lifestyle and be active! Keep moving and interact with people. Life needs more curiosity to be discovered. And the discovery is not just visualized inside the mind, it’s done while moving on foot!

Motivation and curiosity about life

Stunning ways to explore and rediscover new things about life. Food is not the only cool thing in life

Stunning workouts to boost Weight Loss

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Crunches
  • Burpees
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Jumping rope
  • Pull ups
  • Cycling

Transform Your Body!

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Eat Less for a better Weight Loss

Healthy eating is important too along with working out. Eating in the right way is not about strict dietary limitation. You should just focus more on eating natural foods as fruits and veggies. On the other hand, get away from junk foods and fast foods. They are as bad as hell because this way, you will ruin all what have you done to lose weight!

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Some other tips for eating

It’s much better to eat fat-free foods like the cream-free yogurt. However, natural fats in foods as those in fish are so beneficial. They play significant role for the well functioning of the body. Also, roasted meats are much healthier than fried. So, eat roasted turkey, chicken and steak. Be sure to keep the veggies on the dining table!

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About healthy living and weight loss, the final Words..

I admit that I have lost my sedentary lethargic lifestyle  It happened involuntarily during endeavoring my goal. Reading has been very helpful for keeping me busy in spare times. It’s one big reason to totally drag the subconscious mind away from eating. In addition, I would like to say thanks to Mr.Paulo Coelho. Because through his books which I have read so far, I rediscovered very beautiful aspects about life. His books are marvelous for teaching how to live life and enjoy it to the farthest end.